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Michael Tonnesen has 20 years of experience within design and project management of major infrastructure projects including tunnels, underground and marine structures.

He currently holds a position as Chief Specialist/Chief Project Manager in the Department for Tunnels and Underground Structures in COWI, a Danish Consulting Engineering Company.

He has been working in all phases of project development within immersed tunnel projects from the early feasibility studies to detailed design and design follow-up with Contractors during construction. Furthermore, he has been involved in assessment and maintenance inspection of existing tunnels.

Some of the main assignments cover:

·         Project/Design Manager for the Immersed Tunnel in Limerick, Ireland during environmental impact assessment, preparation of employer's requirements up to the tender evaluation phase. The contract was tendered as a Public Private Partnership contract.

·         Team leader on the Busan Immersed Tunnel in South Korea, responsible for structural design of a 3 km long immersed road tunnel. The tunnel is located at water depths of around 48 m and exposed to off shore waves and moderate seismic activities. The tunnel is the longest and deepest immersed concrete segmental tunnel in the world.

·         Structural Design Team Leader for Owners reference design, IMT Specialist for winning Contractors tender design and subsequently team leader for COWI's part of detailed design of the 5.5 km long Immersed Road Tunnel being part of a new fixed link between Hong Kong and Macao planned to open in 2016. The tunnel will be located at water depths of around 42 m and having three carriage ways in each bore.

Chief Specialist/Chief Project Manager within ImmersedTunnels inthe Department for Tunnels and Underground Structures