Organisation of the Foundation

Council of the Foundation

The governing bodies of the Foundation are the Council of the Foundation, the Committee of Surveyors and the Executive Board

Composition of the Council of Foundation

  • Abdullah AL-MOGBEL (Saudi Arabia), President
  • Piergiorgio GRASSO (Geodata, Italy), Vice-President
  • Felix AMBERG (CUC, Switzerland), Secretary and Treasurer
  • Arnold Dix (ITA-AITES, Australia)
  • Danny AOUN (DAR AL-HANDASAH Consultants, Lebanon)

Personal advisor to the President

  • Andre Assis (University of Brasilia, Brazil)

The minutes of the meetings of the Council of Foundation (held twice a year) are available on request from the Foundation Secretary.

Executive Board

  • Robert Galler, president
  • Michel Deffayet, Technical Director
  • Kate Havard, Executive Director