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Roland (born in 1961) is a passionate International Freelancing Journalist, specialized in Tunnelling, Construction, Engineering and also Scuba diving. The world is his office: mostly chatting and writing from Thailand, where he lost his heart and found his home, and based in Germany, where he comes from. He is focussed on writing articles about tunnelling in international special interest magazines and online media in English or German, and offers as well public relations, press releases, articles, brochures and proceedings for companies and associations. On the other hand, he writes articles about scuba diving and rescue systems, gives presentations for scuba diving instructors or for students in Seoul and gave interviews about tunnelling on the radio and about his sports on TV. He organizes press conferences, trade fairs and company meetings, writes speeches and works out presentations. He advises managers and directors in their public performance and how to give a presentation. His network into the tunnelling family - in person and via print, online or social media - is based on more than 30 years experience.


After studying Civil Engineering in Germany, Roland followed his dream and started his career in public relations, communication and journalism. He was responsible for press affairs in a federal association, for a company and also as head of public realations for a German construction company, well-known in tunnelling. Roland shows in addition 16 years experience as editor in chief, the last twelve years responsible for five special interest magazines and a wide range of special publications in the German Bauverlag, the second largest special interest publishing company in Europe. He decided in 2012 to work as an International Freelancing Journalist for more freedom and creativity in both, his professional together with his individual life, and even to open his experience for everybody who is interested to work with him.

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