Gustav Bracher

First name: 

Gustav Bracher, born in 1949, received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (ETH-Z). After his studies and working as a research assistant he joined the Sika group on 1 September 1979:


  • CR&D for fundamental research in cement

Magnetic resonance study to investigate hydration and reactivity of cements, investigation of the influence of different types of admixtures, correlation between NMR relaxation measurements and compressive strength.

Measuring technology of corrosion measurements of reinforced concrete structures, including modelling of corrosion measurements of reinforced concrete lab samples.

  • CR&D product development in the field of repair mortars and tunnelling products

Aluminate based accelerators.

Corrosion protection mortars.

First Epocem products (combination of Epoxy modified cementitious mortars).

Ready-for-Use repair mortars for dry and wet process

  • Technical Manager of the Tunnelling Division of Sika Switzerland

Member of the Technical Committee to set up the specifications for the Pre-qualification of the Concrete Design for the Gotthard Base tunnel, the longest tunnel in the world.

  • Corporate Marketing Field Manager Tunnelling for the Sika group

Responsible for the change of world-wide active Sika group with local Sika companies into a global organisation of the tunnelling business.

Special emphasis of Durability Design in Shotcrete technology and the production of pre-cast concrete tunnel lining segments to produce concrete without any micro-cracking.

  • Corporate Key Project Manager for the Sika Group within the Business Unit Concrete

Project Manager for International Key Projects worldwide

Support to various Sika companies