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Specialist in the conception and analysis of urban development and transport. Michel GÉRARD, from 1995 to 1999, presided over a national applied research project on multi-network galleries in cities (1999-2005). This project is concretized in a practical guide for the use of urban officials, called Guide "Clé de Sol".

Having started by working in Chad and France in matters of development for over 16 years Gérard became the director of Institute of Planning and Urban Development for the Paris region. During this time he managed the most important French urban development agency and was in this post for 6 years. He built one of the world's first GIS with his team, dedicated initially to the analysis of land use.

In 1982 he joined the RATP (Public transport operator for Paris) as director of Development in charge of strategy (network), supply (projects) and demand (commercial sector). His work here involved numerous networking projects, new transport lines and the improvement of the RER line A. He was also the negotiator for the RATP with Disney. Together with the director of public transport in Zeeland (Copenhagen region), he is writing a report on the practical pricing and collection methods practiced in countries with Public Transport Unions.

The project of Euro Disneyland was an opportunity for him to move to the private sector for 6 years. This is mainly reflected in real estate development, land research and feasibility analyzes. He returned to the Administration in 1993 and joined the General Council for Roads and Bridges in the "Economy" section where he was in charge of numerous project analyses, as well as French policy in France.

He devoted the first five years of his retirement to the national applied research project called "Clé de Sol", mentioned at the beginning of this note. Since September 2005, it has shown great results.