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Heinz Ehrbar graduated from M.Sc. Civil Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich) in 1980. He then followed a diploma in SKU Advanced Management Program which he obtained in 2006. His professional highlights are: 

From 1981 – 1996: Electrowatt Engineering Ltd, Hydropower Department, as a Project manager responsible for the design and construction of several hydropower schemes in Switzerland and foreign countries.

From 1996 – 2000 : Electrowatt Engineering Ltd., Tunnelling Department Head of the AlpTransit Group and project manager for the construction section Sedrun of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, Deputy general manager of the engineering joint-venture Gotthard Base Tunnel South. Expert for underground constructions in Peru and Iceland.

From 2001 – 2006 : AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd., Deputy Chief Construction Manager and Head of the construction section Sedrun.

From 2006 – 2012 : AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd., Chief Construction Officer responsible for the civil construction work of the 57 km long Gotthard Base Tunnel Member of the Executive Management. Heinz Ehrbar is currently the Vice Chairman at the Swiss Tunnel Holding Ltd., in Switzerland.

Swiss Tunnel Holding
Vice Chairman