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Jonathan has worked in consultancy on major road and rail infrastructure construction projects for over 25 years.  A structural engineer by background, he has a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of tunnel design and construction including structural design, waterproofing techniques, geotechnical engineering, mechanical and electrical operational systems, and the specialist temporary works and construction methods required. 


He is a specialist in the field of immersed tunnels and has worked on many such projects in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and North America.  He has worked with most of the contractors operating in the immersed tunnel field worldwide and has experience on projects in inland waterways, in estuary environments and offshore.  His notable projects include the Øresund Tunnel that forms part of the link between Denmark and Sweden, and is the largest concrete tunnel in the world. Jonathan is the Animateur of the International Tunnelling Association Working Group 11 for Immersed and Floating Tunnels, having acted as vice-Animateur for 9 years previously.  This group is the only forum of its kind in the world where experts in the field of immersed tunnel discuss best practice and prepare industry guidance. 


Jonathan has also worked in many other fields of tunnelling on projects such as Crossrail in the UK where he has been responsible for portal and station design contracts.  He has had involvement with numerous international metro projects such as Dubai metro, Doha metro and KL Blue Line metro.  He has also worked on road tunnel refurbishments including the Dartford East Tunnel and Saltash Tunnel in the UK. He has particular experience in the design build and PPP market and in developing cost effective solutions jointly with contractors.

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