AGWOR Abidemi

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Abidemi is incredibly fascinated by how cities evolve and how the subsurface can be explored to address inherent challenges but much more the opportunities therein

Abidemi Agwor has about 15 years working experience with over 10 years’ experience developing Tunnelling and Underground space infrastructure.

He has a combined technical background in both Geology and Civil /Tunnel Engineering as well as infrastructure developmental strategies for cities.

Over the last decade. He has worked within world class teams and projects, delivering iconic projects like Crossrail, Hinkley point C, Thames Tideway Tunnels, HS2, London Underground Upgrade schemes, London Power Tunnels, Potash Mine all in the United Kingdom as well projects in Africa and a World Bank Funded water project in Nigeria.

He founded the Nigerian Tunnelling Association in 2016 and has since been the president of the association whilst he has championed the development of Tunnelling and Underground space infrastructure in the developing cities of Africa.

He founded ROWGA in 2019, a start-up dedicated towards integrating Tunnelling and Underground space use with the instrumentation of technology to solve some of the key challenges in cities, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mission: Unlocking Africa’s Underground Space Use for a Sustainable and Equitable Social Impact

He is currently the program lead for ITACUS –National Action Program on Think Deep.

Managing Director