The ITA-CET committee has developed ready-made programmes for one to two-day training sessions, which can be organized by the ITACET Foundation on request. These programmes can be tailored to meet the client's requirements.


Sprayed Concrete

Technical and Practical Aspects on Sprayed Concrete for Underground Structures.

Planning, Construction and Operation of Common Utility Tunnels

Information for engineers, architects, planners and public administrators on the benefits and logistics involved in the use of common utility tunnels (users) in urban areas


Information for Engineers and Decision makers on the Waterproofing for Tunnels and, in particular, for the long undersea tunnels.


There is growing awareness of the need for efficient communication with the populations and the stakeholders involved in the increasing number of underground projects all over the world. Engaging in dialogue is necessary at all stages of ideation, financing, design, construction and operation.

There has been a considerable rise in sustainability policies and procedures over recent years and communication strategies need to be adapted accordingly, whilst making the most of new media.

This course will provide advanced information on communication techniques and approaches that can be applied to foster interaction amongst stakeholders, through the use of new media. It will explain sustainability assessment procedures with a special focus on underground works. Finally, relevant cases histories and examples of best practices will be presented from all over the world.


Tunnelling 4.0

The aim of this course is to highlight some of the most advanced aspects of digital and information technology applications in the design, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of underground works.

The use of BIM in tunnelling will be presented and discussed, providing students with relevant examples from the design to the “as built” model implemented during construction, in addition to BIM use during maintenance and refurbishment of underground infrastructure.

The second key topic of the course is the use of automation and virtual and augmented reality as tools to improve the tunnel construction process.

Advanced technologies available for geotechnical mapping and exploration, surveying and monitoring will be discussed, together with automation applied to equipment used in underground construction and to quality control and assessment processes.

The course is designed to inform designers, site managers, young engineers and university students how the most recent innovations in information technology can be applied to tunnelling and be used to improve design, construction and maintenance processes.


Long tunnels at great depth

Benchmarking and sharing experience on construction of long tunnels around the world

Operation and maintenance of hydro tunnels

To provide a global overview of all the main issues regarding operation, maintenance and repair of tunnels, shafts and caverns in an underground hydroelectric complex.

Tunnelling in urban areas

To present to students & young professionals the design & construction approaches for tunnelling in urban areas.